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with over 20 years experience in Renault

At Fairwater Garage in Taunton, we have been a Renault specialist for over 20 years.

We have a vast knowledge of all Renault models and have over 90 years Renault car service experience amongst our highly skilled staff.

We are also able to MOT test Renault cars at both our MOT testing centres in Taunton.

We have car dealer level diagnostic equipment and numerous specialist tools to enable us to carry out car service and car repairs efficiently. We offer ‘In Warranty’ car service thus saving on car service costs and we are able to offer this from the first required Renault car service onwards with no impact on your original Renault manufacturers warranty.

We are able to offer a free, no-obligation quote fully detailing any remedial works required for any type of Renault car service, repair, MOT or Renault diagnostic repair.

We are also able to offer car air conditioning service, repair, diagnostic work and re-gas on your Renault car.

Our experience and expertise with Renault car servicing and repairs over the past 20 years have ensured that we have become an established and trusted name with a reputation for courteous and professional service

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