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Need a breath of fresh air?

Have your climate control checked by Fairwater Garage

Car Air Conditioning is also referred to as Climate Control and you know when it's not doing its job!

Air conditioning not only keeps you fresh in the summer but also plays an essential part in your vehicle heating and ventilation system in the winter. When working properly, air conditioning helps to improve the air quality inside your vehicle, filtering out pollutants, airborne bacteria and pollen. However, over time, the refrigerant gas in your car’s air conditioning system diminishes, especially when the system isn’t used regularly. The air may become musty and it will cease to filter as expected.

In winter your car air conditioning system acts as a dehumidifier, this means that your windscreen will de-mist faster where your air conditioning system isoperating correctly.

Car manufacturers recommend carrying out an air conditioning service every two years in order to keep your air conditioning working at optimum level.

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