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Clutch or gearbox problem?

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Clutch or gearbox problem?

Yet another fundamental part of your car, these components take a lot of wear and tear which can result in eventual failure.

If your clutch is slipping, you may notice that when you change gear, the engine races but you don’t go any faster, you may also detect a burning smell or even smoke.

Usually a clutch will start slipping long before it fails. As soon as you notice it, book your car in to have it fixed.

If you have a sticking clutch you have the opposite problem and you may hear a very unhealthy grinding sound or experience difficulty in getting your car in gear. If this is left unattended you may eventually have problems selecting any gear at all.

In the car and struggling to select or change gear, is it the clutch or the gearbox that’s at fault?

Turn the engine off and see if you can select a gear. If you can then it’s usually clutch trouble; if you can’t then the problem will lie with the gearbox

These are both major components on your car so any problems are best addressed as early on as they are suspected. Give us a call and we will be able to diagnose the issue and advise the best cause of action.

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