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Exhaust Problems?

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What are the signs of a broken exhaust?

Ensuring your exhaust is in good condition is a key part of car maintenance. A broken exhaust, while not necessarily detrimental to your car’s engine, can instantly fail your car’s MOT. This is because it may be leaking harmful toxic emissions, be too loud or have come loose and pose a danger to other road users. A damaged exhaust may also negatively affect your fuel economy as fumes that are not dispersed properly can hamper the efficiency of your engine.

It should usually become apparent to you if you have a problem with your exhaust system. Look out for:

If when we look at your car, we find a problem with your exhaust we will advise you if it is repairable or if you need a new one. Often it can be just one part of the exhaust that needs replacing if we are quick enough to identify the wear and tear that naturally occurs in this hardworking car component. Please don’t leave it too late if you feel there is a problem – it could lead to more costly repair down the line.

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